Wait a minute… Is Assassin literally clawing his way up from the underworld to network? That’s some out of the frying pan into the fire BS! If it were me I’d have just stayed in Hell.

In any case, this particular trope is one that tends to get glossed over. As per usual, The Gamers did it first. But then again, I suspect that random PCs joining the party without explanation is as old as Castle Blackmoor.

This is a subject that has only recently reentered my brains space. You see, I’ve recently embarked on an E6 West Marches PF1e Hex Crawl in the Weird West. (And if you understood every word in that sentence, congrats on being a huge nerd.) In any case, the episodic nature of the campaign style means that random alts popping out of the woodwork is de rigueur. It follows that there is a certain amount of suspension of disbelief necessary to sustain the fiction.

For example, take my buddy’s latest addition. She’s a red dragon bloodline sorcerer who joined up for today’s session. She looks like Dragon Half and wears a potato sack instead of normal people clothes.

“I wanna be a hero!” she told us. “Just like you guys!”

And that is apparently all it takes to get a job in a fantasy world. Bunch of lucky pricks. Gods know I’d gladly accept the risk of orc raids and extraplanar mishap if it meant I never had to fill another application with all the same info that’s ALREADY ON MY FREAKIN’ RESUME. She got let into the club though, where she promptly set everything on fire.

Even so, if you’re anything like me you like a bit more explanation than, “I wanna be a hero too!” So for today’s discussion, why don’t we talk about introducing new PCs mid-campaign? What’s the best excuse you’ve ever invented to insert a new party member into an established dynamic? Give us all your best “suddenly a wizard appears” and “I’m a wandering hero in need of employment” stories down in the comments!


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