It looks like Angie, our pally-pal from Dungeons & Doodles: Tales from the Tables, had to follow up on some unfinished business. Can’t say I blame her. Last time she hung out with Vengeance, our former antipaladin seemed to be of dubious moral character. Now ol’ hothead has shiny armor AND a puppy. And that means however much Angie’s smiting fingers might itch, she’s got to remain calm. Trying as that is for a paladin, I think it’s Vengeance who has it worse.

Let me once again dip into the well of my E6-West-Marches-PF1e-Hex-Crawl-in-the-Weird-West game (henceforth known as Scattershot to save characters), to illustrate why.

The character in question is named Blackheart (which is a pretty good clue as to his nature). Dude is a conman, swindler, thief, and out-and-out rogue. In the pre-campaign writeup, Blackheart checked into our bard’s family saloon with the express intent of robbing them blind. One or two text-based rolls later, and he was lying half-conscious on the dusty street, having lost his pants and fallen from a roof while trying to escape out a second story window. TLDR: Our own Thief is in good company when it comes to the luck department.

So now my I-like-to-roll-Evil-PCs buddy is making a valiant effort to RP the rogue with a heart of gold archetype. It’s tough for the PC, but it’s great for the player. And for my money, that’s largely due to the supporting cast.

When you’re going for this type of turning-over-a-new-leaf character, you need a foil. You need other players and NPCs that treat you like scum. And you need this because, more than traps or monsters or locked chests, that distrust is your real antagonist. And characters like Blackheart or Vengeance work best when they’re doing their best despite the harsh opinions of others.

So for today’s discussion, what do you say we trade stories of bad guys trying to do good? Why were you so mistrusted? How did you make right? And was it a positive experience as a player? Tell us all about your antiheroes, long-suffering protagonists, and heel-face-turns down in the comments!


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