Poor Woolantula! Having narrowly escaped the menacing bristles of The Broom, our canonically non-binary little spider spider demon must have skulked about The King’s Arms for days! No doubt she hid in corners and under beds, trying desperately to survive on an unfamiliar plane while searching for a likely helper. After all, if BBEG is plotting something nefarious, the Heroes are going to want to know about it! Too bad their boasting has left the l’il guy in mortal terror! One wonders what else he overheard while skulking about the premises?

This is not a difficult concept. If one sees a monster, one slays said monster. Well and good for our philosophers to debate the merits of some purely hypothetical ethical necromancy. Sadly, such things are theory, not fact. And I for one won’t put my trust is walking horrors.


Yes! Very yes. Only good monsters is dead monster! Fun to kill, and make satisfying pain sounds when bones break. Or exoskeletons. Whatever. Pug does not have ranks in Knowledge (anatomy).


Look, are we doin’ demon body count or not? And if so, I hope ye aren’t going by killin’ blow only? I’ve kept meticulous notes o’ average damage per round. It’s a much better model. If we sort it by creature type… Let me make some pivot tables.


Now hold on a moment. I agree that demons ought to be slain on sight. Extreme prejudice, show no quarter, etc. etc. Preferably make it hurt. But are we only speaking of demons here? Or are we doing evil outsiders in general? Because I have a mythos monstrosity that ought to count for at least five. 

Who cares what we kill? All I know is there’s something coming. Something we all ought to band together to stop. It doesn’t matter what setting you’re from. There are some things you just can’t reason with.


Are we quite certain that making friends with monsters is out of the question? 




For the last time YES!




Can’t say I particularly blame our poor spider-bro for making themselves scarce. Life is hard out there for a monster, and especially for one loaded with the “evil” and “outsider” subtypes.

So for today’s discussion, why don’t talk about the times we’ve seen this play out in our own games? Has your reputation as a do-gooder ever excluded you from the Thieves Guild? Did your mercenary work for King A prevent you from allying with King B? And were there ever any monsters that refused to play nice purely on the basis of your monster-slayer rep? Tell us all about the times you scared off potential allies down in the comments!


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