A lair is an important thing for a monster to have. Just consider our pal Woolantula the Servile. Back in the The Demonweb Pits, her kindred could cow even the mighty Miss Gestalt. Here in the King’s Arms tavern, even the humble Barmaid is her match.

Behold the power of evocative description! I mean that literally. Consider the following case studies.

Evocative: Rough hewn stones seem to merge with the living rock. It is as if this passage simply grew out of the mountain: a hideous tumor metastasizing within the earth. The way is dark, and your lantern light seems not to burn bright enough to illuminate all its black corners. (Yes, Derek. I’m aware that you have dark vision.) But when at last you come to a dead end, you find yourself wishing again for the comforting dark. For the archway glows with its own fell light, green and hideous at the cracks between the double doors which now bar your way. What do you do?

Less Evocative: You walk 30 feet down the hall and find a door. You open it, right?

Both work as suitable introductions to my own The Floor is Spiders mini-dungeon. A spider demon waits beyond those glowing green doors. The dungeon is his personal gauntlet of sadistic traps and creepy crawly horrors. And I think you can take a wild guess into which method I prefer to use when running this thing.

So for today’s discussion, what do you say we all give it a shot? Pick any monster you like. Write about “the approach to its lair.” Do your best to make it feel like you’re there at the threshold, sword in hand and trembling in fear. All clear? All set? Then GO!


ANNOUNCING THE WINNER OF THE GREAT CLAIRE SUCKS AT DRAWING CONTEST! Thanks to all the competitors of the first (and hopefully last) Claire Sucks at Drawing Contest! Laurel’s hand is nicely healed, and Claire is back behind a keyboard where she belongs. All that’s left to do now is announce our winner. And so without further ado, with a grand total of 51 nitpicks, it is our pleasure to award the finest in quest rewards to Abigale Moore! You can check here for her astoundingly detailed analysis and marvel along with us at her eye for detail. Abigale has asked us to thank @slvrrrrrby for inspiring her with character art, and Luna for inspiring her with motivational speeches.


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