As we all know thanks to our clearly-established canon, a Demon Lord cannot step between worlds except on Devil’s Night. But as only some of us know thanks to that one Handbook of Erotic Fantasy comic where Succubus opened her own—ahem—Hell Portal for our heroes, some lesser demons have the power to go back and forth at will. And if you want to know why Demon Queen has a sudden interest in the Get Help maneuver, you only have to look at the hover text on this one. It’s almost as if some things are more important than ruling over the Demon Web Pits. No doubt the world’s buffest D&D player would agree.

Any dang way, it looks like  Woolantula the Servile is about to embark on a a very important interplanar mission! I for one wish all luck and success to the cute l’il spider-sheep. The loyalty on display here for the rightful Queen is outstanding (even if it’s undeserved). But in the meantime, what do you say we talk about the other thing going on in today’s comic? Namely, the desperate ploy of a once-might villain reduced to back-of-the-head status.

You know this trope. It’s the idea that some fiercely loyal minion will still serve its underserving master, even in extremis. The castle has blown up, the heroes have destroyed the second-to-last phylactery, and only the monomaniacal care of an Igor can see you through.

The is 100% a villain trope, but the only time I can remember seeing it in-game came from the player’s side. It was a Ravenloft game, and Laurel (whose burned hand is doing much better, thanks) was playing a native Barovian. If you want to imagine her character, imagine the phrase, “What hump?”

Her laboratory assistant wizard was an apprentice to the most brilliant bio-galvanic researcher in all the realm! Of course, all that brilliance really belong to Igorina. So inevitably, when their windmill-lab exploded, the love-besotted young hunchback went to work saving her master. She spliced together a small, sickly, childlike body from the bits and pieces littered about the  blast crater. And she used all manner of tubing and blood transfusion techniques and bioengineers to make the Master a part of her own body. Dude was basically a Voldemort fetus clinging to life in the hunchback’s artificial hump-womb. You might understand why we didn’t talk about it much at the table.

What about the rest of you guys, though? Have you ever had a firecely loyal minion? Why did they still follow your baddie, even after all the horrible things they did at the height of their now-diminished power? Tell us all about your own Igors and Woolantulas down in the comments!


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