According to my notes, we haven’t seen or heard from Demon Queen since way the crap back here. I guess that she’s been busy planning the Fienderson Family Reunion. Those shirts don’t design themselves you know!

Of course, as we look at Sorcerer standing there beside the tiefling Thief, one begins to wonder how exactly this planar bloodline business works. Is there a percentile chart somewhere out there that determines whether you wind up with magic or pastel skin? And let’s not forget about all those half- templates floating around. How the crap are there gonna be half-fiends and fiendish creatures at the same time? Why exactly do alu-demons need to exist? And how do I transition from “outsider” to outsider with the native subtype?

I’m no planar geneticist, but it seems to me that the rules are mildly inconsistent when it comes to planetouched progeny. My only conclusion is that these things work at the speed of plot. If you need a royal in your PC’s backstory, you wind up with a noble indiscretion. If you want that dragon to hit a little harder, you say that it ate some unethically-sourced frog legs and it gets the template. It’s all about what happens to serve the plot at the moment.

And speaking of “serving the plot,” I can say with some authority that this ‘abyssal blood covenant’ business has no storyline implications whatsoever. It’s like the “say cheese” of the Abyss. It’s a perfectly innocent, everyone-says-it sort of phrase! Certainly the fiendish Demon Queen has no plans at all regarding Thief and Sorcerer. >_>

As for today’s discussion, why don’t we toss around a few of our own pet theories for planar genealogy? Do you have an internally-consistent system, or is it just willy nilly? What’s your favorite way to inject a little planar flavor into a character? Tell us all about those aasimar, half-djinn, and Hellraiser-type bloodragers down in the comments!


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