Once again, Wizard’s penmanship has landed her in trouble. You’d think that such a learned scholar would be better at the whole calligraphy thing.

Of course, it wasn’t words that got us into hot water today. It was a hot skillet. The origins of today’s comic reach beyond the misty borders of Handbook-World and into the etc. of the real. To quote my flanking partner:

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that things might be a little late this week. I burned my drawing hand pretty badly tonight and while I’m hoping I can draw tomorrow, I’m not totally sure. I’ll keep everyone posted, hopefully this will turn out just fine and there won’t be a hiccup in our schedule, but the possibility is unfortunately there.

It should go without saying, but this was a VERY BAD THING. Getting burned sucks for anyone. An artist getting her arting hand burned is a calamity. Fortunately for the fate of Handbook-World, I am a gallant knight, supportive friend, and extremely talented so-and-so.

You need me to draw the comic? I’ve got colored pencils and stuff. You just gotta promise you’re not to laugh too hard at my fumbling attempts. 

What you are seeing today are the results of that offer. It is also the result of watching way too many Strongbad Emails in my misspent youth. Fortunately, there is an upside to all this. Thanks to the ceaseless klaxon of my internal critic,  you guys have a chance at fabulous prizes! It thus gives me great pleasure to announce…

The Great Claire Sucks at Drawing Contest!

The rules are simple. Beneath your usual comment, post a number. This number represents the total number of errors you think you can spot in today’s comic. For example, where was the Photoshop MS Paint conspicuously bad? How many paper figures can you spot? Where did I color outside the lines? Next Tuesday, Aug 22 at whenever-I-feel-like-it o’clock, I will contact the player with the highest number. If they can send me a list of all their errors, and if they all check out, they will win 1) The original art of today’s comic, signed by both the writer AND the artist, and 2) A big bag of Handbook merch. 

All clear? Alrighty then! That only leaves our questions of the day! What was it like the first time you took over GMing duties? Did you realize you had a natural gift for it? Or, as with my experience in today’s artistic endeavor, did you find yourself suddenly overcome by newfound respect for the usual guy? Hit us with your tales of do-it-yourself shenanigans down in the comments!


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