You guys remember my occultist/vmc magus? The one with the complicated build and the interesting personal curse? He’s the only character I’ve ever had ascend. It was a unique experience, but I think it illustrates the principle that the Handbook is trying to get across.

Back in the IRL, I knew that I was moving soon. The campaign would go on with out me. And so, because a loyal NPC of ours had just died, I devised a my-undying-service-in-return-for-his-life scenario. And in fairness to me, this was a long while before I’d ever seen Vax gain a fly speed. Same goddess though.

“Pharasma!” shouted my highly dramatic Dr. Orpheus clone. “Lady of Graves! Long have I skirted your law. My servants step from beyond death. They do my bidding whilst clothed in putrid flesh and gossamer burial shrouds! But I beg of you: Raise this man to life! Accept my service, and I swear I shall no more disturb the souls nor sleep of the dead!”

My GM described clouds parting. A spiral comet blazing towards me, hovering in midair like a winding stair. I ascended literally, becoming a psychopomp in that moment. I was no god, but an immortal being in service to a god. I’d effectively written myself out of the story, but Pharasma kept her end of the bargain. The rest of the party had their loyal manservant returned to life. And even better, I’m told that my character’s divine assistance was instrumental in the final battle against the forces of Chaos. Just wish I could have been there to see it.

In any case, that’s my story of ascension. How about you guys? Ever manage to attain godhood / immortality? What was it like? Tell us all about your own Test of the Starstone down in the comments!


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