Leave it to a fancy noble lady to make a big dramatic scene at a mixer. Necromancer is only out here trying to meet people and make new connections. She hears that somebody else in the room works in the undeath industry, offers to talk shop, and BAM! Initiative out of nowhere! If only Van Helscion understood the difference between necromancy and white necromancy I imagine that reactions like this are what drove Necromancer to start up her PR campaign in the first place.

Of course, if we’re going to hop in the Wayback Machine and revisit our previous discussions on alignment, I still agree with the original thesis. It is always possible to invent a reason for the Evil characters to adventure beside Good ones. You just have be a little flexible on both sides.

As Necromancer’s teardrop mascara recedes from whence it came and Paladin slowly but surely bends Handbook-World cosmology in favor of love, we are watching the principle play out. These characters wanted to find a way to make it work. They’re both putting in the effort. Now we just have to sit back and see if everything ends happily… or hilariously. Either way, I just hope they can hold on long enough to get a badass costume change.

This of course brings us to our question of the day! When you’re out there adventuring, you sometimes have to make questionably ethical calls. When were you required to justify your dubious morality? Did you come up with a solid excuse for your latest heinous act, or was it more of a handwave and a “let’s just not dwell on it?” Tell us all about your own wiggle room between light and dark down in the comments!


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