What’s this? Van Helscion lives! If memory serves, we haven’t seen Handbook-World’s fanciest half-orc since her origin story last October! It’s almost as if she’s drawn to monster-hunting season, emerging along with the scent of pumpkin spice on the autumn air. I suppose that tracks. She’s a bit of a basic rich girl after all. I could totally see her nibs getting up to some vampire stabbing with latte in one hand and a new pair of Ugg boots of striding and springing on her feet. (On the other hand, where Priest has been all this time is anybody’s guess. +2 XP to the first adventurer who can link our NPC clergyman’s last comic appearance.)

Any dang way, I thought I’d get an early start on the seasonal comics this year. We’ve talked about creepy sessions on a couple of occasions, and I know we’ve had our fair share of X-mas type comics. But for some reason it seems as if we’ve never talked about Halloween one-shots. And that’s a pity. Like the melted-together glob of candy corn at the bottom of your plastic pumpkin in the back of your mom’s minivan, they’re simultaneously the strangest and most flavorful nuggets of fun you’re likely to find.

There’s already a hearse-load of overlap between your average monster manual and the spooky season. Vampires, werewolves, mummy lords, and flesh golems (along with Bride of flesh golem), all feature in prominently in our favorite bestiaries. Add to that the ever-growing library of monster movies, mythos monstrosities, and SCP Foundation spookems, and you’ve got a near-endless supply of critters dying to populate your pumpkin-spice adventures.

And so, for our question of the day, what do you say to a twofer? First, tell us all about the best Halloween one-shot you’ve ever had. Second, pick an obscure monster from pop culture, then tell us why they deserves a job as the antagonist of such an adventure. If we’re lucky, we might just inspire some session prep. And if we’re very lucky, some industrious citizens of Handbook-World might just stat up a few new creepy critters for our mutual spookertainment.


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