I mean, she’s got a point. Those diamonds embedded in Golden Boy could probably power a rez on their lonesome. Any gold she happens to retrieves is pure profit!

Sure it’s baldly mechanical and blatantly unrealistic. Who’s gonna throw themselves into lava for a bit of financial upside? But as Barbarian and Sorcerer learned not so long ago, there’s a big difference between solving a problem and 100 percenting it.

These decisions are not easy. The same agonizing choice that powers the deck of many things is also present when it’s time to kick the fully decked-out boss into the bottomless pit. It’s simple risk and reward. You can pull a card for fortune and glory, but beware of that ‘lose your soul to the void’ result. You can go for the Disney Special TKO rather than winnowing down boss-man’s hit points, but then you’re not getting any of his fancy gear.

If there are any souls-like fans in the house, then you know this feeling well. You might be tempted to try one more room for the chance at extra blood echoes / souls / MacGuffin Points™, but then you’re just as likely to lose everything on that roll of the dice.

No one can make that decision for you. It’s the gambler’s thrill, and has more to do with your own special blend of gamer fun than some hypothetical “correct choice.” In the present case however, I will say that that Cleric and Wizard likely have the right of it. While I’m unsure how much her tiefling heritage will protect Thief from lava, I’m positive that her dice luck isn’t doing her any favors.

So what do you say, guys? When’s the last time you gambled on a big payday? Did you run through the gauntlet o’ traps for the shiny jewel? Head back into the dragon’s lair for one last burgle? Or maybe you just wanted to pickpocket the High Sheriff for the bragging rights? Tell us all about those times you bet big and won big (or lost bigger) down in the comments!


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