Today’s comic is all about learning to appreciate your own limitations. It’s easier said than done.

With the power fantasy of gaming lodged firmly in our collective unconscious, it can be hard to remember that we aren’t supposed to be Superman. We aren’t even supposed to be Conan, outmuscling all comers while outwitting master thieves and wizards. The OP heroes of fiction might work well as a literary concept, but dice and probability have a way of catching up with you.

Think your barbarian ought to hold her own in the boxing ring? The monk was built for this biz. Wanna be the best archer in all the land? Your elf bard may have proficiency, but they’re no ranger. That rogue tends to win at sprinting contests. Your tough as nails fighter can’t take as much punishment as the barbarian. The abity to cast Healing Word does not make you a life cleric.

If you’re playing a class-based system, you’re not going to be the best at all the things. And even if the mantle of generally-competent badass is your goal, you still won’t be quite as badass as a specialist at their chosen gimmick.

For seasoned players this is an obvious point. We’ve long since figured it out and moved on. But as I’ve been hanging out at tables with newcomers this summer, I’m reminded that learning to accept it is part of the gamer lifecycle. This can be a rude awakening.

So for today’s discussion, why don’t we talk about all those times when  you realized you were second best? What was the thing you were trying to accomplish? Who did it better? And how did that make you feel? Let’s talk deflated egos and realigned expectations down in the comments!


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