It’s been a good long while since we held one of our patented “How would you call it?” quizzes. Previous examples of the genre include “Aid Another” (testing the limits of the help action) and “Utility Shot” (testing the limits of GM patience).

Today’s discussion is about the limits of size-changing magic. For your convenience, I’ll link the text of enlarge person (Pathfinder 1e), enlarge/reduce (5e), and this old M:tG ad (goblins). No doubt the learned readers of Handbook-World will turn to errata, forum posts, and developer commentary to support their positions. But I would also hasten to remind you that rule of cool is a thing, and helping your players feel like tactical geniuses whenever they show a modicum of creativity is generally a thing to be encouraged. Balancing fun moments against… well… balance is a tricky beast. That’s why articulating when and how you make these close calls can be a useful GM exercise.

So bearing all that in mind, here are today’s hypotheticals. Tell us how you’d run it at your table!

  • I’m being swallowed whole. Will embiggening myself help me to break out?
  • I ready my action to enlarge a ballista bolt mid-flight. How much extra damage does it deal?
  • I saw this cool meme about Ant-Man defeating Thanos. Do you allow arseplomancy in your game?
  • I’ve been poisoned! I’ll just increase my size so that it’s a non-lethal dose.

Oof. I certainly hope no one ever asks these questions in my games! But if they do, at least I’ll have this comments section to turn to for help.

You all know your marching orders. Pick any number of the oddball shenanigans listed above, tell us how you’d call it, then explain your rational. All clear? Alright! We who are about to argue salute you!


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