Poor Jeremy. First he got stabbed with a spear. Then by his own femur. Then his shriveled black heart got ripped out by a barehanded NPC. Honestly, I’m beginning to think that (\*checks cast page*) Blaze Redscale might be on to something here. If Barmaid can give you the business with improvised barstool weaponry, there might just be some kind of congenital condition attached to your character sheet. One can only speculate that hyper-Eowynism is common amongst powerful undead. Either that or Barmaid is super serious about keeping underaged patrons out of the King’s Arms. 

For the rest of us, I think that there are some interesting lessons to be gleaned from this little tableau. It’s been a few years since we last discussed character flaws, but the principles we talked about back then still apply. And just as it’s possible to overemphasize a character flaw as a player (I think back with embarrassment on the many “potheads” and “alcoholics” that graced a younger me’s campaigns), GMs can be guilty of the same thing.

Imagine you’re Jeremy. There you are rocking out with your bad self. It’s a dragon campaign and you’ve somehow finagled yourself a dracolich template. You look like a heavy metal album, and you’ve got a least one size category up on your partymates. If I’m that kid, I’m enjoying nine hells out of my power fantasy. Now imagine every other NPC you encounter I-am-no-mans you straight to the dome. The first time is a cool reveal. The second time is good for a laugh (“I can’t believe it happened twice!”) But by the time you’re getting KO’d by la vorpal chancla, the ‘interesting character quirk’ has probably worn out its welcome.

Notably, this business applies to more than literal mechanical flaws. If you’re a grappler who constantly runs into freedom of movement or a fire mage in a world inexplicably full of asbestos elementals, you know this feeling as well.

And so, for today’s discussion, I turn to all you upstanding inhabitants of Handbook-World for examples. Have you ever found yourself getting bullied by your own personal kryptonite? What was your secret weakness, and how did your GM abuse it? Tell us your sad tale of getting hard-countered down in the comments!


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