For this year’s holiday comic, all the heroes of Handbook-World decided to get together for a Secret Santa gift exchange. For the most part, that involved blind draws from a top hat of holding (as is tradition). However, one lucky pair benefited from the collective wisdom of the Quest Givers over on Patreon. Rules for the poll were simple: The top vote-getter received a present from the runner-up. You can see the results in today’s comic.

Not to worry though! The runners up will not go away emptyhanded! Here’s a quick rundown of who gave what to whom.

  • Fighter → Kineticist: One free sparring session with the world’s greatest warrior! Fighter’s burns are healing nicely.
  • Thief → Wizard: “Your present is coming up in the other Handbook.”
  • Occultist → Fighter: Coupon for a séance. For some reason it’s yet to be redeemed.
  • Swash + Buckle → Snowflake: “It’s a mug! Fuck yeah!”
  • Succubus → Magus: A new set of “armor.”
  • Witch → Horsepower: A custom-brewed cologne. It’s supernaturally attractive to elves.
  • Warlock → Bard: A fully punched coiffure card at Barbie’s Salon.
  • Wizard → Ranger: Acting lessons.
  • Inquisitor → Sorcerer: A fire extinguisher. Workplace safety, people!
  • Magus → Antipaladin: A collection of secondhand catnip balls suitable for fetch.
  • Ranger → Thief: An assortment of homemade cookies.
  • Anti-Paladin → Monk: Handwraps knitted from shed dog hair.
  • Paladin → Succubus: Chick tracts.
  • Sorcerer → Inquisitor: A literal cartload of unopened goblin wedding presents (no gift receipts).
  • Oracle → Alchemist: Orthopedic lifting shoe inserts.
  • Van Helscion → Paladin: A note wrapped around a crossbow bolt. The note reads: “Take care not to fall too far.”
  • Barbarian → Occultist: Hair care basket.
  • Pugilist → Swash + Buckle: Brass knuckles. They’re a little on the small side.
  • Cavalier → Ninja: Potion of remove fear.
  • Ninja → Oracle: Dust of darkness. The card mentions “evening the playing field.”
  • Cleric → Street Samurai: A copy of Shadowrun: 20th Anniversary Edition. 
  • Arcane Archer → Summoner: A sack of stones enchanted to look like gp.
  • Necromancer → Barbarian: A pair of hands connected at the wrists. They’ve been trained to sweep hair.
  • Bard → Necromancer: Organ lessons.
  • Summoner → Arcane Archer: Sexy Katsusu Matsuno Bunny Girl 12″ PVC Collection Action Figure.
  • Snowflake → Warlock: Backstage passes to “The Dressage Experience.”
  • Monk → Cleric: A non-magical book of koans titled, “The Way of Understanding.” Cleric’s disappointment was immense.
  • Alchemist → Cavalier: Turtle wax.
  • Street Samurai → Van Helscion: Cyberstake 9000.
  • Kineticist → Druid: Cartload of cabbages.
  • Horsepower → Witch: A tiny Brutus-sized cape.
  • Gunslinger → [null]:

I guess some of them had a happy holiday. And we hope that you guys do as well! All best for the new year from your pals at The Handbook of Heroes! 

And since it wouldn’t be Critmas without our daily discussion topic, what do you say we brag about all the gaming swag we got (or gave) this holiday season? Tell us all about that sweet sweet Yule loot down in the comments!


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