You know that cool weapon you have you eye on? The one that really puts your fighter / monk multiclass over the top and into elite DPS status? Maybe it’s a +3 holy vorpal greatsword. Maybe we’re talking about a specific magical firearm that never has to be reloaded. Maybe it’s something as simple as a rapier with the agile property. Whatever form it takes, this is the bit of kit you need so your build can “turn on” and do what it’s supposed to do. But there’s an important point I’d urge you to keep in mind: It might be many levels of play before that weapons is yours. In fact, it might never happen at all.

Think about all those abortive games you played that never got past 4th level. Think about those GMs who disallowed magic item crafting, or asked for your list of nice-to-have items only to throw them on the loot pile nine levels later. Think about all the issues we discussed back in the aptly-named “Specific Weapons” comic. Altogether, I’m arguing that it’s better to HAVE FUN NOW rather than pinning your hopes and dreams on a particular pointy stick.

The same thinking applies to complex multiclass combos that only come online at 11th level, capstone abilities that (almost) never see play, or the far end of the feat trees where all the choicest morsels hang like overripe fightin’ fruit. If you’re starting out at high level with 50K gold worth of items, then that’s the perfect time to fire off your complex builds. But if you’ve got to get there “the hard way” from level one, I’d urge you to think long and hard about whether all the intervening levels will be enjoyable.

Question of the day then! What’s the longest you’re willing to wait for a build to “turn on” and do its thing? Is there some particular weapon, ability, or prestige class that makes it worth the wait? Sound off in the comments with your own theories of D&D&Delayed gratification!


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