The alt text on “Stay of Execution” seemed to spark some interest amongst our readership. Let it never be said that the Handbook of Heroes fails to give the people what they want.

While it seems that Druid has successfully rescued her boyfriend from the gallows (and visited some turnabout-is-fair-play retribution on civilization), I’d like to draw your attention to the unbridled fury on that monke face. That’s the look of a gamer who’s finally got to cut loose with her biggest, baddest abilities. It’s an experience we all should savor.

Here’s where I’m coming from. If you’re in the kind of game where conserving resources is a concern, then it’s only natural to keep something in reserve. After all, you never know when you might face a last-minute encounter back at the dungeon entrance or get ambushed in camp later that night. These are the scenarios where keeping a few spell slots in the tank can make the difference between life and TPK. But bringing out the big guns goes beyond the basics of resources conservation. It goes beyond even the “blow all your best abilities” mindset of the 15-minute adventuring day. When it comes time to go full nova and buff yourself to the gills, we’re getting into anime protagonist territory.

You know the trope. Just as the forces of evil seem to have the upper hand, our plucky hero drops their training weights, powers up, and unleashes their strongest technique. Pick your point of reference. In RPG terms, this moment is all about putting your theory crafting to the test, pumping your numbers as high as they can go, and doing the most balls-out powerful maneuver your character can conceive. This looks a little different for every PC, which leads us into our question of the day!

What is the craziest thing your character can pull off? I’m not just talking “I have a high level spell” or “I use action surge,” but the kinds of overly complicated shenanigans and reserved-for-special-occasions ability combos that would make a mythic wizard blush. Hit us up with your own version of “giant ape riding a dinosaur with a tree-shillelagh” down in the comments!


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