Well then. It looks like Quest Giver isn’t the only one passing out quest scrolls. Classy touch on BBEG’s part making them bone white.

Stationary aside, if the ladies of Team Bounty Hunter ever want to hear Magus yowling for her breakfast at 4:00 am ever again, they’re gonna have to play ball. Conveniently enough, that means a return to form. One can only hope that Thief has put some ranks into Escape Artist.

While we wait for that plot thread to develop, what do you say we talk about more immediate concerns? Namely, the disposition of that kitty corpse. In a sense, Inquisitor and Ranger are dealing with the opposite problem that Barbarian ran into back in “The Cleaner.” It’s in the nature of fantasy adventure games to produce a lot of bodies. And depending on how high up in the local government said body happens to be, getting rid of it is par for the course when you’re a merry band of murderhobos. On the other hand, when that body belongs to your soon-to-be-resurrected flanking partner, you’ve go to figure out how to preserve the silly thing.

If you’re a pedantic nerd (and if you’ve made it all the way to Handbook of Heroes #625, I assume you are) then you’re not doubt shouting GENTLE REPOSE! at your screen. It’s the obvious solution after all. But I’d direct your attention towards one little clause at the end of the Pathfinder version of the spell: “This spell makes transporting a slain (and thus decaying) comrade less unpleasant.” Methinks the spell text is trying to tell us something.

A dead body is an opportunity. That’s part of the reason that resurrection comes with a price tag. Getting your buddy back ought to be an onerous task, involving quests and financial hardship and irritated ghosts. It means protecting the body from corpse-nappers and carrion eaters. It means informing the next of kin in a solemn RP encounter. It means bribing a local clergyman to keep ’em on ice, finding rare components, and (at the very least) lugging around a lot of literal dead weight. So pity poor Ranger and Inquisitor. We may have come to the end of the “To Catch a Killer” arc, but their problems are far from over.

As for the rest of us, what say we while away the time by recounting our own adventures in resurrection? What kinds of difficulties have you faced in the cadaver transportation department? Tell us your own tales of corpse management and party member resuscitation down in the comments!


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