This officially concludes our foray into the Outer Planes. While we can assume that our various adventurers have made their way from the far-flung corners of the cosmos and back to the safe harbor of Handbook-World, our sanity may not be so lucky.

As we established way back in “In Your End-O!” it it scientifically impossible for gamers to resist a pun-off. But at least when you’re punning and word-playing, it’s possible for everyone at the table to join in on the anti-fun. Unfortunately, there is an equally sadistic, groan-inducing form of comedy floating around the hobby. And it’s one that only GMs have access to.

See that little shit on Druid’s tree-shaped bough? That’s what you call an “imp.” And I’m not talking about the little red devils that chain pact warlocks like to pal around with. I’m talking Bat-Mite. I’m talking The Great Gazoo. That OP wanker Q from Next Gen. Any time you have an all-powerful, indestructible companion character, you’ve got an imp on your hands. And you can be damn sure that they’ll speak in the most annoying, high-pitched voice your GM can conjure.

Last time I ran one of these things, it was a fae named Anomander. He’d set up a giant circus tent in the middle of the ocean. When the PCs’ pirate crew sailed inside, they found themselves in a Tunnel of Love. I believe that the major obstacle was clearing a path through a mound of erotically-flavored jelly beans. At the time, I thought my joyful antics and nonsense non sequiturs were comedy gold. Imagine my surprise when, after the session, my players made it plain that this wasn’t a love-to-hate character. This was just regular type hate.

“His constant pop culture references are a bit much. And that voice you do… It’s like Foamy the Squirrel scraping on a chalkboard. Plus that manic grin you get is slightly scary. Could Anomander maybe make a return appearance never?”

This was quite the blow to my ego. Naturally, I made Anomander the campaign’s BBEG on the spot.

What about the rest of you guys though? Have you ever encountered an “imp” in a game? Did you enjoy the silliness, or was it a case of “a little goes a long way?” Tell us all about your fae tricksters, obnoxious demigods, and persistent intelligent cursed items down in the comments!


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