Some heroes get an unfair amount of screen time, while others get the shaft. That’s why, for this month’s poll, we asked our Quest Giver Patrons to choose which party deserves its own mini-arc. As you can tell, the ladies of Team Bounty Hunter got the nod. (Better luck next time to the Dragons and The Anti-Pary).

When it comes to planning an adventure, baiting your story hook can be an exercise in frustration. Players are famously fickle beasts, and you can never be sure what will tickle their fancy. Maybe your local drama queen needs a personal tie-in (the villain killed your master-mother-sensei-dog!). The do-gooder needs a major threat to fight (and the world will explode if you don’t stop them!). The party meathead needs something to punch (better kick that plot arc off with a combat!). And even if you manage to tick all the boxes, they may still find a way to miss the inciting incident.

Don’t despair though! When you’ve got a party full of players like Magus, you don’t throw your perfectly prepped adventure in the bin. If they manage to oblivious their way past the storyline, you can always bring it back for another shot next session. For example, I’m pretty sure that Inquisitor, Ranger, and Magus are going to have to answer a few questions from the local authorities. After all, a murder just got did outside their door! Whether they manage to solve the case successfully (and score a lucrative bounty in the process) is another matter.

So how about it, guys? Have you ever managed to miss the plot hook? Was it obvious in retrospect, or do you think your GM was being a little too coy? And if you’re a GM with players without attention spans, what are your best tricks for piquing their interest? Sound off with all about best calls to adventure down in the comments!


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